Documents Show Real Reason to Build Woodhaven Extension
... It's About Adding Capacity for the Trucks
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PENNDOT to Provide East-West Corridor for Industrial Park Truck Traffic
Meeting Minutes and Blueprint
Government Documents and Article
PENNDOT blueprint documents connecting the Industrial Park to the Woodhaven Extension is a part of their plan.
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission documents theWoodhaven Road Project #B021 is for the primary purpose of increasing capacity.

PENNDOT meeting summary documents
permitting tractor-trailer truck traffic on the Woodhaven Extension is a part of their plan.

Washington D.C. Transportation Board documents PENNDOT's plan is to increase Industrial-Commercial access between highways & Industrial Parks.


Proposed Path of New Woodhaven Extension Truck Route into Somerton

PENNDOT's Step by Step Plan to Create the New Truck Route:
(1) Connect Hornig Road (Industrial Park Access Road) to the Woodhaven Expressway to allow Tractor-Trailer Trucks access to new roadway
(2) Extend the Woodhaven Expressway to Bustleton Avenue via a 2-lane roadway
(3) Continue this 2-lane roadway across Bustleton Avenue into the Westwood section of Somerton.

Hornig Road Provides Truck Access