New Truck Route Will Negatively Impact Jewish Federation Housing's Senior Residences
Somerton, Philadelphia

New Tractor-Trailer Truck Route to be
Constructed Next to Two Senior Citizen's Residences

PENNDOT Condemns Area Apartment Residents to a Life of Truck Traffic


How could Senator Mike Stack and State Representative George Kenney do this to their elderly consituents?
  • The green space that flanks the south side two senior apartment buildings will be destroyed.
  • The residents living in the 6-story Ephraim Goldstein Aparments and the 3-story Arthur and Estelle Sidewater House Aparments will have a birds eye view of the new roadway that will be built very close to their back patio.
  • The replacement of the CSX Bridge will release fleets of trucks onto the new roadway, and it will become the new tractor-trailer truck route in their backyard.
What will the residents be left with?
A View of a NEW ROADWAY that will become
24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week
  • Carbon monoxide and deisel fumes will permeate the area
  • Residents with respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema may suffer from
    the affects of the increased air pollution
  • Residents may have trouble sleeping soundly due to the increased noise pollution and the vibrations from the tractor trailer traffic
  • 1 Truck makes the same amount of noise as 28 cars

Ephraim Goldstein Apartments
Front Elevation

Arthur & Estelle Sidewater House Apartments
Front Elevation

Ephraim Goldstein Apartments
Rear Elevation ~ Faces New Extension/Truck Route
This unsuspecting person has no idea what is to become of her home and neighborhood!