This Collection of PENNDOT Documents & Statements
Proves that PENNDOT is Deceiving Legislators, Residents,
& Motorists - and that the Extension is Unwarranted

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PENNDOT's Grand Illusion of Project Need Must be Replaced with the Reality of True Community Needs

PENNDOT Document: Draft Environmental Impact Statement Claims that Congestion Will Be Relieved in Project Area.PENNDOT Document: Meeting Summary from January 12, 2006 Work Session Documents Planned Routing of Truck Traffic onto Extension.PENNDOT Document: Blueprint Documents the Plan to Connect Industrial Park to the Extension via Hornig Road.  
 This document is the culimination of research for the Woodhaven Road Project. The first page states that PENNDOT's proposed actions would improve traffic conditions in the Project Area, but they will make it worse.Community Work Sessions were cancelled after the January 12, 2006 meeting possibly because PENNDOT was offended that we announced we would tape this meeting in order to have additional, accurate meeting documentation.

This blueprint provides key details regarding the construction of the new extension by illustrating the location of new roads & modifications to the existing roadway network near the Woodhaven Expressway Terminus.

Montgomery County Intelligencer Article: PENNDOT States There Were Never Any Plans to Connect Industrial Park & New Extension.PENNDOT Document: Evaluation of Project Need Establishes Need to Separate Local & Regional Traffic - the Justification for the New Extension.PENNDOT Document: Meeting Summary from January 12, 2006 Work Session Documents there is No Regional Traffic. 
PENNDOT Press Secretary Gene Blaum has denied that PENNDOT has every planned any type of connection between the Bennett Industrial Park and the new Woodhaven Extension.This report serves to document the need for this project. Upon reviewing this report, it can be ascertained that the purpose of the Woodhaven Road Extension is meant to faciliate regional traffic, by removing it from Byberry Road.At the January 12, 2006 work session, PENNDOT confirmed our belief that regional traffic is not a factor & the extension is not warranted by stating regional traffic would NOT be using the new Woodhaven Extension.