Senator Mike Stack Claims He Has the Political Will to Push this Project Through - and Goes Against the Will of the People.
What is really in this deal for Senator Stack?
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 Attending the March 4, 2008 Work Session at Ephriam Goldstein Apartments - Senator Stack's Aide delivered a fire and brimstone speech in support of building the Woodhaven Extension. He cited incorrect, overinflated traffic volumes for Byberry Road to bolster Stack's position for the Parkway. Stack's Aide was in attendance at the March 11-13th meetings, but did not make a statement, as the opposition against building the Parkway was immense.
Recent Press Release Proves Senator Stack Knows How to Help Ease Congestion...

Then why won't Senator Stack use his political will and help improve the intersection of Byberry and Bustlteon ---- just like he helped improve the intersection of Frankford and Academy?

Is common sense to add a left turn light to help ease traffic congestion banned in Somerton?

What is really in this for Senator Stack? Who is Senator Stack really representing?