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The objective of our alternative is based on common sense. We need to control traffic congestion - not let traffic congestion control us.






The Route 1 'Community-Friendly' Build Alternative
A Common Sense Approach to Local Congestion Issues
in Mature, Residential & Business Communities
  • Are you tired of PENNDOT's seemingly infinite timeline to provide enhancements to improve our current traffic issues?
  • Are you fed up paying higher fuel taxes so PENNDOT's budget may be replenished so they can continue to make money - yielding unimaginative, & unacceptable alternatives just to figure out how to alleviate a traffic jam?
  • Are you appalled that PENNDOT continues to insult the public by taking decades and spending millions to come up with the alternative they are most proud of for being 'sensitive to community concerns' - and that it would actuallly make our traffic congestion worse - instead of better?
  • Then contact your legislators & ask them to support the Route 1 Build Alternative as the preferred alternative for the completion of the Woodhaven Road Extension Project which will:
congestion & delay

vehicular & pedestrian safety

neighborhoods & green space

time & millions of tax dollars

  • Developed by residents from Bucks, Montgomery & Philadelphia Counties
  • Submitted to PENNDOT on March 20, 2003 by State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf & State Representative Roy Cornell
  • Presented to Community on March 27, 2003 at Lower Moreland HS
  • Rejected by PENNDOT since alternative prohibited highway expansion.
General Overview ~ How It Can Be Accomplished
  1. Prohibit additional tractor-trailer truck traffic
    • No truck access on Woodhaven Extension west of the CSX Bridge
    • No truck access between Bennet Industrial Park & new Woodhaven Extension
  2. Operate the existing roadway network more efficiently
    • Improve key intersections
    • Implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (Smart Lights Technology)
  3. Prohibit New Highway Expansion of the Woodhaven Expressway
    • Avoid drawing additional car & truck traffic into the Byberry Road/Bustleton Avenue Corridor and remainder of study area
  1. Improve key intersections, especially along the Byberry Road & Bustleton Avenue corrridor.
  2. Improve intersectional infrastructure by adding turning lanes, left turn arrows & retiming signal sequences since intersections are the most important part of the roadway network.
  3. Restore driving lanes to Byberry Road between Bustleton Avenue & Route 1 to restore original road capacity.
  4. Modify the Route 1 Interchange, by closing the Byberry Road Exit and shutting down Evans St. to eliminate the Byberry Road - Evans Street bottleneck.
  5. Construct additional ramps to & from Route 1 Cloverleaf. Construct the Byberry Road overpass to provide non-stop access to the Woodhaven Expressway east.
  6. Install Intelligent Transportation Systems technology to provide real time messaging & improve road signage along the Woodhaven Expressway to facilitate traffic flow to Route 1.
  7. Expand parking capacity at SEPTA regional train stations.
  8. Police enforcement of the rules of the road.
  9. Re-dedicate the entire PENNDOT right-of-way as a permanent greenway for community use.
  1. Our alternative would not draw additional traffic volumes into the study area & stress the local roadway network.
  2. Tractor-trailer truck routes would not be built into Communities.
  3. Congestion & delay would be alleviated
  4. Pedestrian & motorists safety would be improved.
  5. Property values would remain intact.
  6. Communities would not be fragmented by new highway expansion.
  7. Concrete sound walls would not encase neighborhoods.
  8. Residential & commercial property loss would be minimized significantly.
  9. Right-of-Way would be rededicated as permanent green space.
  10. Cost would be substantially less than PENNDOT alternatives.





An aerial view of the Rt.1-Rt. 63 Interchange (Woodhaven Exp.) in NE Philadelphia.
Stub of the terminus of Woodhaven Exp.
(Rt. 63) facing west which is located slightly west of the Rt. 1 Cloverleaf.
Motorists are forced to exit at the Byberry Rd Exit via Evans St.
Byberry Road's road capacity was reduced from 4 to 2 driving lanes in the 1980's & parking lanes were added.

Critical intersection: Byberry Rd. & Bustleton Ave. in Somerton, NE Phila.

Congestion continues to exist as a result of: (a) Byberry Rd. serving as the last exit for the Expressway, (b) Byberry Rd. road capacity being reduced by 50%, and (c) only 2 out of 4 traffic lights at Byberry Rd. & Bustleton Ave. are equipped with left turn arrows.

Note: This intersection is only one example of strategic intersections with operational deciencies along this corridor.