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Woodhaven Working Committee Rejects PENNDOT's Newest Proposal

Huntingdon Valley, PA - On January 12, 2006 PENNDOT presented a new plan which proposed to extend the tractor-trailer truck route into Somerton with the hope this plan would become a basis for the consensus alternative.

The TCC did not approve the plan since it extended the truck route through residential neighborhoods. McCormick Taylor commented the TCC was close minded for not considering the plan. The TCC maintains that the extension was justified by the need to separate regional & local traffic, and since regional traffic does not exist, the extension is not warranted. The results of the O & D Study substantiate the TCC's position. While presenting the new plan, McCormick Taylor stated that no regional traffic would travel the new extension since it would have local traffic, while Byberry Road would have local-local traffic.



PENNDOT's New Alternative Includes Extending the Woodhaven Expressway via a 2-Lane Truck Route

Features of the Community Connections Alternative:
  1. A 2-lane Extension would be built between the Woodhaven Expressway terminus & Bustleton Avenue at the Leo Mall (directly behind Jewish Federation Apartments.)
  2. Extension would become an overpass over Byberry Road until it approaches Sewell & Stevens where it would transition to ground level
  3. Nearby Industrial Park (shown in bluegreen rectangle) would have their existing road connected to the new extension for truck traffic
  4. Truck traffic would be permitted on the new extension
  5. Speed limit would be 55 MPH according to PENNDOT blueprint
  6. Extension would cross Bustleton Avenue into Westwood near Somerton Avenue
  7. Extensoin would exit onto Byberry Road via Audubon Avenue

Based on the above proposed actions, additional traffic volumes will be directed onto the already congested Bustleton Avenue Corridor, and the surrounding local roadway network. This is in direct conflict with the agreement the committee agreed to on October 26, 2005 which stated:

"Do not draw additional traffic into the area."


Last Alternative Publicly Presented on 3-23-04
"Reduced-Impact Build Alternative
Hold your cursor over the map to learn more details.
  • Route 1 is located in the lower right hand corner of the map.
  • Byberry Road is located on the diagonal.
  • The dark line respresents the location of the newe extension which would extend the Woodhaven Expressway Truck Route to Byberry Road & Philmont Avenue.
Diagrams of New Roads, Intersections, and Tunnels
Bustleton Avenue &
County Line Road
Bustleton Avenue &
Byberry Road
Byberry Road, Philmont Ave & Woodhaven Expressway
Bustleton Ave & Tunnel at Woodhaven Expressway









Read the Data:

Increasing road capacity will generate more traffic & create the need for future highway expansion.

The Woodhaven Road Project is classified as 'Project B-021: Primary Purpose - Capacity.'. This document indicates the objective of the project is to increase road capacity. As documented in the traffic study, build alternatives that include the extension will result in significant increases in traffic volumes in the project area on a daily basis. This will set the stage for future road expansion through additional neighborhoods.



CSX Bridge Terminus to be located at the Montgomery County borderExtension to connect to terminus stubTruck Route will extend to Montgomery County through Somerton