Official Resolutions Supporting the Rt. 1 Build Alternative

Bryn Athyn

Lower Moreland Township

Lower Moreland School District

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

Legislative Links

Senator Stewart Greenleaf

State Rep Tom Murt

State Rep Bernard O’Neill

State Rep Scott Petri

Local Links

Bryn Athyn Borough

Lower Moreland Township

Lower Moreland School District

Pennypack Trust



Legislative Support

Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf continues to be a driving force & in making sure our concerns are heard by PENNDOT. The Senator continues to work with the TCC and reach out to PENNDOT to ensure our concerns are communicated to PENNDOT.

  • Submitted the 'Route 1 Build Alternative' to PENNDOT in March 2003
  • Provided testimony against the Woodhaven Road Extension Projecton on multiple occassions
  • Regulaly corresponds to PENNDOT on our behalf
Legislative Support from Our Elected Officials
State Senator Stewart Greenleaf
12th Senatorial District
State Representative Bernie O’Neill
29th Legislative District
State Representative Tom Murt
152nd Legislative District
State Representative Scott Petri
178th Legislative District
Support from our Local Officials & Community Leaders
Mr. Hyland Johns, Mayor, Bryn Athyn
Commissioner Kurt Mayer
President, Lower Moreland Board of Commissioners
Mr. Dave Robertson, Executive Director, Pennypack Trust
Supervisor Dan Frahley
President, Lower Southampton Board of Supervisors
Ms. Marina Katz, Esq., President Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Jonathan Saidel
Previous City of Philadelphia Controller



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