Somerton Civic, Residents and Businesses rejected
PENNDOT's New Parkway Concept since it would not Benefit Somerton - only make it MORE congested and LESS safe
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Note the components of the New Parkway Concept... and see how PENNDOT and McCormick Taylor Missed Again
PENNDOT's Proposed Actions Won't Help Somerton's Congestion --- Only Create a Local Road Network to Serve Truck Traffic
PENNDOT would modify the Route 1 Cloverleaf by opening up ramps, and linking Horning Road to the new extension
PENNDOT would extend the Expressway west into Somerton via a 2-lane Parkway-Type Road (means that it has landscaping)
PENNDOT would replace the CSX Bridge, remove the 3-ton weight limit, which would allow tractor-trailer trucks onto new extension
PENNDOT would cul-de-sac Byberry Road, cutting it off from either side of the Bridge, and making school children's walk to MaST Charter School very dangerous
PENNDOT would extend Worthington Road to connect with new extension, giving additional traffic access to Worthington Road and Southampton Road neighborhoods
PENNDOT would tie the new extension into Sewell Avenue and Stevens Road, directing additional traffic into those neighborhoods as well, and creating a new shortcut to the Home Depot at Leo Mall in the process
PENNDOT would end the extension onto Bustleton Avenue near the Home Depot-Leo Mall at their new traffic light, which would dump additional traffic volumes onto the already congested Bustleton Avenue corridor
2 Blue stars indicate the location of Ephraim Goldstein Apts. and Arthur and Estelle Sidewater House, the 2 senior citizen's apartment buildings that are located right next to the path of the new extension
How many more millions of dollars will PENNDOT give McCormick Taylor to develop these ridiculous alternatives that would only worsen the current congestion in Somerton?
Why won't PENNDOT improve the existing roadway network, leave the bridge alone, they move onto another project?