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"Never doubt that a small group of caring, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
``-` Margaret Meade

Spring 2008 - Somerton Civic Association & Neighbors Unite to Reject PENNDOT's Parkway Alternative

PENNDOT to Update Community - Spring 2009
2008 in Review...Meetings & Articles
 McCormick Taylor's Steve Nieman unsuccessfully attempted to sell PENNDOT's new plan to skeptical Somerton residents who packed a meeting room at St. Andrew's Church basement on March 11. 
Self- Serving Government In Action
The PENNDOT- McCormick Taylor - Stack Team continue to promote the false perception that extending the Woodhaven Expressway to the busy Bustleton Avenue Corridor would actually solve the congestion issues at Byberry Road & Bustleton Avenue in Somerton.
Senator Stack continues to use his political clout to authorize PENNDOT and MT to resume work on this unwarranted highway expansion through established residential and business communities in Somerton. However, the collective voices of Somerton residents spoke out and continue to oppose this unwarranted highway expansion. And some residents have even compared PENNDOT's tactics to organized crime. [Read the information below to draw your own conclusion and see how this project has never been about providing congestion relief --- but about paving the way for industrial development and the new east-west tractor-trailer truck route.]
(1) False Premise
(2) Exploitation & Abuse

Using fear tactics, PENNDOT reported the Byberry Road bridge was structurally deficient and must be replaced to ensure public safety
PENNDOT uses false 'need' to replace bridge to spur road construction

Residents who would be impacted the most were
intentionally excluded from the March 2008 PENNDOT work sessions
Why were Senior Citizen's voices silenced?

(3) Deceptive Practices
(4) Misrepresentation
PENNDOT Still Denies Hornig Road Connection and Committment
to Enhance Highways Near Industrial Complexes
PENNDOT Diagram of Hornig Road Access Point
Aerial View of Hornig Road - the Key to New Truck Route
Official Docs Reveal PENNDOT's Real Plan
(5) Withholding Information
(6) Selective Reporting
PENNDOT refused to provide copies of meeting notes from 2005-06 working meetings to meeting attendees
No link - Northeast Times did not cover the second set of work sessions to avoid reporting growing opposition in Somerton
PENNDOT Needs to Address REAL Transporation Issues

PENNDOT should use Woodhaven Road Extension funding to help maintain the existing roadway infrastructure to ensure public safety. PENNDOT must stop paying McCormick Taylor to develop unacceptable alternatives that would create more negative impacts than what the current situtation brings.