DiHealth Issues Would Confront Us
Lyme Disease
Businesses Oppose PENNDOT's Plans
2) In April 2005, over 80 of Somerton's businesses on Bustleton Avenue signed the petition against PENNDOT.
Do you remember the famous 'Keep America Beautiful' public service announcement from 1971?
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PENNDOT's New Alternative Would Not Solve Congestion - But Create Negative Impacts Somerton Would Never Recover From

Somerton's congestion. As a result of their actions, the local roadway network would become overburdened with the influx of new traffic volumes being brought into the heart of Somerton.

To make matters worse, the replacement of the CSX Bridge on Byberry Road would result in the current 3-ton weight limit being removed which would result in truck traffic being released onto Somerton local roads.


Tractor-Trailer Truck Traffic Would Flood Somerton Streets
PENNDOT's proposed actions to solve congestion in Somerton would actually do more harm than letting the congestion go unaddressed. PENNDOT's twisted logic leads them to believe that extending the Route 63 Woodhaven Expressway to the busy Bustleton Avenue corridor would be the best means to solve
Some of the Serious Problems PENNDOT Would Cause
  1. Additional Traffic Congestion and Delay
  2. Additional Tractor-Trailer Truck Traffic
  3. Additional Air Pollution
  4. Additional Noise Pollution
  5. Decrease in Property Values
  6. Decrease in Quality of Life
  • Automobiles and trucks - emit high levels of ammonia, lead and diesel fumesespecially harmful to people with asthma and emphezema
  • Trucks make the same amount of noise as 28 automobiles
  • Runoff - would contaminate our water shed with gasoline, anti-freeze and road salt
  • Bennett Industrial Park would be linked to the new extension via Hornig Road, no matter what PENNDOT says
  • Truck traffic from Route 1 would be able to access the new extension

Who Would Be Impacted the Worst?
Some of Somerton's Most Vulnerable Residents

The Senior Citizen's are one group that has been intentionally excluded from the public involvement process. Many seniors have serious health issues, and living directly next to this new extension would surely exacerbate their issues, interfere with their sleep, and generally make their Golden Years miserable.
Federation Housing Residents Being Exploited
See meeting motice that restricted them from attending PENNDOT work sessions conducted in their building.

Traffic and Road Closures Will Take a Toll on Local Businesses...
The horrific congestion on Bustleton Avenue would make consumers avoid the area. Trucks trying to turn off of the new extension onto Bustleton Avenue near the Leo Mall would be a nightmare.

Additional Traffic
Road Closures
Air Pollution
Loss of Greenspace
Noise Pollution











PENNDOT states that this bridge must replacec since it is structurally deficient. However, we have learned that this bridge has a lifespan of over 60 years, and is not deficient at all.

It is just an excuse that PENNDOT is using to try to justify replacing it. The minute they touch that bridge, the weight limit would be removed to allow the truck traffic access to the new extension.