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Pineberry Farm at Pine Rd & Byberry Rd

This 19th c. farmhouse
has been saved from PENNDOT's wrecking ball due to TCC efforts.

















The Tri-County Coalition

Southeastern Pennslyvania's Tri-County Citizen's Band Together Against PENNDOT
Formed in 2003, the Tri-County Coalition (TCC) is a non-profit community group that is comprised of residents from Bryn Athyn, Lower Moreland, NE Philadelphia, Upper Southampton, & Lower Southampton. We joined forces to stop PENNDOT District 6-0 from expanding the Woodhaven Expressway into highly residential neighborhoods as their preferred method to solve local congestion in Somerton.

PENNDOT would like residents to believe the answer to relieving local traffic trouble spots is a massive & complex undertaking - one that warrants numerous studies, the involvement of engineering consultants, the

National Corp of Army Engineers, & many other governmental agencies.But nothing could be farther from the truth - which is why the TCC organized. We are in the process of ending the PENNDOT myth that congestion relief is contingent upon a major highway expansion, and are moving this project into a new direction after over 30 years of indecision.

Changed Public Opinion
Through hosting community meetings, attending PENNDOT meetings, publishing newsletters, circulating petitions, and providing this website, we have shown concerned citizens that PENNDOT's main objective is not to relieve congestion, but to enhance the Priority Commercial Network. The release of tractor trailer truck traffic into the community in addition to extensive roadway construction through dense neighborhoods would be the major objections to PENNDOT's plan.

Curtailed PENNDOT's Plans to Expand a Major Highway
With residents now 'in the know', the mounting public opposition has prevented PENNDOT from executing their invasive alternatives which ALL propose to extend the Expressway and expand the Priority Commercial Network.

Developed a Feasible Alternative
We have proposed a common sense alternative in March 2003 known as the
Route 1 Build Alternative. This alternative would optimize the existing roadway infrastructure and be sensitive to the people living in the project area.
  • Our alternative is cost effective and community friendly.
  • The public has demanded PENNDOT implement this alternative.
  • The TCC remains committed to the belief that optimizing the existing roadway infrastructure & not adding new capacity would yield the result to provide congestion relief.




Wetlands Along Philmont Ave in Lower Moreland

"It is not enough to understand the natural world; the point is to defend and preserve it."

Edward Abbey

Fields Along Byberry Road in Bryn Athynv
PENNDOT Right of Way in Somertonv